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About BrushForGood.org

BrushForGood's vision is for every person to have personal hygeine and health items. We're starting with an item so basic that many of us in the USA cant believe that over 2 Billion people are without a toothbrush (and running water, and other basic human rights items).


We're starting with toothbrushes (and hopefully as word-of-mouth helps share our mission) and hope to add other items as well in the upcoming months.

Also important to note, that the brushes that are donated are not the exact same brushes that are sold to our USA customers.  There were many considerations that we weighed when trying to establish the giving model. We could have simply done a 1:1 (buy 1 give 1) model and the toothbrush given would be exactly equal/no difference as the toothbrush sold. We however felt the greater good could be served by trying to maximize the intent of helping, and thus produce a basic model that would still last for months of use.   We felt strongly that ergonomic handles and finger grips (that may be important to USA consumers) were not a factor in being able to help provide a solution to better oral hygiene to our recipients. Thus we are able to maximize a single less-than-a-cup-of-some-coffee purchase into a vehicle that helps ten people for over a month each. Talk about stretching a dollar and making it last.  Thus we feel that we have been good stewards of the money our toothbrush-buyers in trust us with from their purchases. As we scale, we will be able to provide multiple toothbrush options after our toothbrush factory is opened.

Our model is a Give 1 Donate 10  (1:10) model - Where for EACH toothbrush purchased, we donate 10 to causes around the world.  Note: depending on how many brushes a group/individual buys, there may be opportunities to grow into new areas.  Each case is looked at on a case-by-case basis.  One of the most recent additions (not on our map... hint hint steve- update the map) is to Richmond VA (RVA), where a group of VCU students sold enough toothbrushes (100) to help 1,000 people in the RVA local community.  If you want to help local to your area, or know of another important area in need somewhere in the world, Send us an email, and lets see what the possibilities are.


BrushForGood.org is part of the Challenge2Society (C2S) family of projects.   C2S's vision is to inspire the world to donate 1 Billion *yes that is a lot* hours of community service. Where as BrushForGood focuses on oral hygeine, other sites like SaveH2o (goal save 1% of the USA's annual domestic water use Each ear), BikesForGood- (helping deserving children get bikes), BrasForGood (helping sexually and domestically abused women through bra donations; and since most women in USA throw bras away its a No-Brainer to donate/recycle vs. dump in garbage).  Also we connect with other existing organizations/ causes/non profits to help inspire people to get involved.  Maybe when we get our founder (Steve Gardner : LinkedIn-Profile) a few cups of coffee, we can get him to write about the wonderful journey and the events that inspired the birth of Challenge2society. (note to self... ask Steve to write up an article and scan photos. Yes for those reading this post, we try to keep it fun here.)


Challenge2Society is a member of 1%fortheplanet- an amazing organization, whose goal is to encourage companies to donate 1% of gross revenues back to a vetted list of companies that provide meaningful (and documented) results to help sustain the environment, because no matter how green you are on the environmental scale, we each impact the earth by living, and consuming products.  Giving back means our grandchildren will have a better chance to enjoy the outdoors.  As a member of 1%FTP- we also use the members logo on our other family sites - like this one BrushForGood.


BrushforGood is also very lucky to be working with SyncedSmiles and helping us distribute these brushes to great international causes, and in the RVA area we have been fortunate to work with the Daily Planet, and Feedmore.