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Welcome to BrushForGood.org

BrushForGood.org dontates 10 toothbrushes for every one purchased. Worldwide, more than 2 Billion people don't have a toothbrush.

Here in the USA, tooth decay is the largest chronic disease of childhood.


"Together we make the world Smile" sm


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image Made in USA.

About our Brushes.

Dupont Tynex Bristles

Ergonomic Grip

Our toothbrush is made in the USA.

Fundraising possibilities. Want to help raise money for your organization? BrushForGood is testing out fundraising models, where clubs, groups, and organizations can get a percentage of each sale when their supporters buy toothbrushes. Send us an email to ask about fundraising for your group. Email: Fundraise at BrushForGood.org

Can we choose donation location?

People can choose to send brushes to locations we have already worked with. If your group wants to help us with a new location- Contact us.

Why Buy 1 Give Ten?

Our goal is to help solve this very curable problem. Donating ten shows our commitment.

Support USA or Rest of World?

We allow you to decide if you want your donated brushes support a USA based organization, or one located in the rest of the world.

Why BrushForGood.org

  • Give 10 model +

    Our give 10 model shows our commitment to solving this problem.
  • Link to cancer +

    Gum disease has a 64% higher rate for pancreatic cancer in men.
  • Lower Artery Disease +

    Reduce periodontal disease and you reduce coronary artery disease by about 2x.
  • Lower Pregnancy Complications +

    Women who have periodontal disease have up to 7x more likely to experience pregnancy complications.
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What Our Partners say

  • Our club used this as a fundraising idea and helped 1,000 people in our local community.
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